What we investigate

Our laboratory studies the influence of extrinsic factors on skin model production. In particular, we investigate the influence of external stresses on intra- and inter-batch variability. We also study the use of additively manufactured silicone bioreactors to introduce extrinsic factors in a reproducible and highly controlled way.

skin model fabrication

Hematoxylin & eosin staining of a tissue engineered skin model mimicking the epidermal and dermal layer of native skin.
Hematoxylin & eosin staining of a tissue engineered skin model mimicking the epidermal and dermal layer of native skin.
Our research in more detail

In vitro skin models enable the identification and validation of drug candidates for the development of novel therapies. However, a widespread issue is their high intra- and inter-batch variability which is a consequence of their unstandardized production. Irregularities in skin model quality thereby limit the reliable evaluation of experiments.

Our vision is to facilitate and accelerate the research in the domain of tissue engineering using novel design approaches with advanced manufacturing technologies for improved bioreactors and skin culturing devices. Besides biological and biochemical components in skin model production, various extrinsic factors have been shown to affect skin model quality.

We investigate the influence of such factors on skin model quality. Based on these results we develop new bioreactors, skin culturing devices and technically assisted workflows to reduce the variability of in vitro skin models.

Prof. Mirko Meboldt

Prof. Mirko Meboldt
ETH Zurich
Product Development Group Zurich pd|z
Institute of Design, Materials and Fabrication
Leonhardstrasse 21
8092 Zurich

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Selected publications

SKINTEGRITY.CH Principal Investigators are in bold:

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