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The mechanism behind melanoma resistance to treatment UZH News 27.06.2024
MHC-I upregulation safeguards cutaneous neoplastic T cells in mycosis fungoides Dermatologica Helvetica 03|2024 01.06.2024
Advancing extracellular vesicle analysis with a portable device Dermatologica Helvetica 02|2024 01.04.2024
Androgen receptor signaling in cutaneous melanoma Dermatologica Helvetica 01|2024 01.02.2024
How wounds heal - and cancers grow GLOBE 04|2023 05.12.2023
NRF3 suppresses squamous carcinogenesis Dermatologica Helvetica 06|2023 01.12.2023
Rethinking skin stiffness assessment: the journey from subjectivity to objectivity Dermatologica Helvetica 05|2023 01.10.2023
Vaccination-based immunotherapy to target profibrotic cells in liver and lung Dermatologica Helvetica 04|2023 01.08.2023
Live-tissue biobanking: a new method for viable tissue preservation Dermatologica Helvetica 03|2023 01.06.2023
Escape from NK cell tumor surveillance by NGFR-induced lipid remodeling in melanoma Dermatologica Helvetica 02|2023 01.04.2023
Phase-specific signatures of wound fibroblasts and matrix patterns define CAF subtypes ETH News 27.03.2023
SKINTEGRITY.CH Young Investigator Award 2022 Twitter 16.12.2022
SKINTEGRITY.CH — Interdisciplinarity moves Dermatologica Helvetica 05|2022 01.10.2022
Immunotherapy reduces lung and liver fibrosis in mice UZH News 15.09.2022
Fewer animal experiments thanks to artificial models News - University of Fribourg 04.08.2022
Dossier: Die Haut - with SKINTEGRITY.CH PIs Prof. Lindenblatt and Prof. Hafner USZINSIDE 17.06.2022
Exploring the architecture of tumours ETH News 08.02.2022
SKINTEGRITY.CH Young Investigator Award 2021 Twitter 16.12.2021
Examining the skin with a vacuum ETH News 04.11.2021
Skin Cancer Award 2021 Verein für Hautkrebsforschung 26.08.2021
Illuminating tissue formation ETH News 04.08.2021
Biennial report USZ Dermatology 2019/2020
Page 48; "Collaborations"
USZ Dermatology 27.05.2021
Auf der Suche nach dem Jungbrunnen 17.10.2020
Heilungsverlauf gezielt beeinflussen durch Déchiffrierung biochemischer Prozesse 31.08.2020
Spark award 2020 ETH News 22.07.2020

Too fast wound healing has a negative effect
(Prof. Sabine Werner, Prof. Edoardo Mazza)


Medical Xpress

ETH researchers deconstruct tissue repair ETH News 02.06.2020
Die Chance aus der Petrischale Schweizer Familie 22.11.2019

Nervenzellen in der Haut

USZINSIDE 10.07.2019

Lymphatic vessels unexpectedly promote the spread of cancer metastases

ETH News 14.08.2018

Lymphatic vessels spread cancer metastases

UZH News 14.08.2018
Die Wundheilerin Tagesanzeiger 12.05.2018

We can improve wound healing

ETH Zukunftsblog 28.02.2018

Unexpected helpers in wound healing

UZH Press Release 24.01.2018
Offene Wunden UZH Magazin 15.05.2017
Zurich aims to extend high profile research on skin ETH News 07.10.2016
Flagship Project Dedicated to Skin Research UZH News 07.10.2016

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Skin matters (and a transcript of the episode) ETH Podcast 27.08.2021

Des cellules nerveuses qui aident à la cicatrisation

Radio RTS 1 - CQFT 25.01.2018

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Mehr Luft im Hautpanzer

NZZ am Sonntag 27.10.2019

Sie geben Brandopfern Hoffnung

NZZ am Sonntag 02.11.2019